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Handmade Goods and Vintage Jewelry plus so much more at our Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop

August 10, 2018

Our Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road (the big sign on the pole by the road reads "Diana's Gift Shop") offers 1/3 vintage (especially vintage jewelry & kitchen/home decor) 1/3 handmade and 1/3 new stuff.
https://www.facebook.com/Hubbard-Ohio-Gift-Shop-141863192506059/ is our facebook page for our local shop where 17 people bring things in to sell.
Please pass our links around to help us out if you can and better yet, if you're local - stop in for your Treasure Hunt :)
Bring along a friend or three to have a wonderful shopping spree ;)
*We have 30 day gift certificates and Lay-Away, but are cash only.
Want a sneak-peak or aren't local ?
Many of the items listed online are packed away here in the back storeroom so look at the listings carefully and read the descriptions before coming in to buy or ordering online.
The vintage jewelry online shop is
The handmade and some vintage goods online store is

Tags: gift, gifts, handmade, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, treasure hunt, vintage, vintage jewelry, y-town, youngstown

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Pick the perfect hat for you

March 31, 2018

It's Spring - finally !
Soon, you'll need a fabulous Kentucky Derby hat; a sun bonnet; or even a fishing hat.
What ever it is, we likely have just the thing for you here at Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop or our online store.
Here are ideas on how to pick out a new hat or to jazz up an old one so that you get the perfect hat for you:

If you are in the Hubbard, Ohio area, stop by our gift shop to see the few vintage hats and hand-crocheted hats that are out on display.

Most of what we have is packed up to keep them clean and out of harms way, but you can see and read about them in our online shop and if you are interested in buying one, we'd be glad to get it out for you to see.

Tags: derby day, derby hat, hat, hubbard, kentucky derby, ohio, spring

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2018 brought new hours of operation for Sundays

January 25, 2018

Sundays are a tough day for me to get here on time to open after I attend services (and add to this, the fact that we have much less visitors coming in on that day every year as well) so our gift shop will only have Sunday hours on the first Sunday of each month.  They will still be from noon to 5

Tags: gift shopthings to do in hubbard ohio, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio, sunday shoppingsunday hours

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Stop by Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop for your treasure hunt

December 30, 2017

Love vintage or new sparkles and bling ?  
We've got it !
Craft stuff; collectibles; home Decor and kitchen goods ?  
We've got some of that !
Love handmade baby items; + hats scarves & handbags.. for grown-ups; as well as natural, hand-sewn one-of-a-kind pampering eye masks and neck pillows ?
Yes, we have those ! 
Love cook books and other books ?
We have a bunch of those from new to vintage !
*Clearance sale on the $1.50 or less paperback books is still on and the shelves have been refilled !

Stop by Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio to see these and other great new and vintage items.
Wednesday or a Sunday from noon to 5 (after the first, we will only open the 1st. Sunday of each month) or Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10-5.
Stop in for your Treasure Hunt !
We are a small business and so no credit/debit cards nor checks.
We do offer Lay-A-Way for an order of at least $25 with a non-refundable 20% deposit down !
17 vendors bring in handmade, vintage and new items. We are jam-packed with good stuff....

Tags: books, dianas, gift, gifts, handmade, hubbard, hubbard ohio, jewelry, local, ohio, shop, shopping, treasure hunt, vintage

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Local, Hubbard, Ohio Newspaper and our savings coupon ad

August 11, 2017

Be sure to cut out and bring in our coupon/ad from the bottom of page 5 in The News of Hubbard newspaper this week !
Save a little money while you Treasure Hunt  

Don't have the Hubbard, Ohio paper this week ?

Our gift shop is a drop-off spot for them and we usually have a few extras left here so you can pick one up if you need one.
Find us at Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - on Facebook) at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road.

We are also a drop-off spot for The Review newspaper which covers more local towns as well.

Tags: coupon, hubbard, hubbard ohio, local news, local paper, newspaper, ohio, savings, the hubbard news, the news of hubbard, the review newspaper

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The main Book Corner at our Hubbard, Ohio Gift Shop

July 30, 2017

Stop by for your Treasure Hunt soon and bring along a friend or two for even more fun.
Featured here in this video is our book corner and the "Summer and back to school reading special" !


Diana's Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road.

Weds. & Sun. from noon - 5 
Thurs./Fri./Sat. from 10 - 5

*No credit/debit cards or checks as we are a very small business.
*All sales are final

Stop in for your Treasure Hunt !
We have about 1/3 handmade stuff from crocheted baby items and winter hats to candles to cat toys to hand-sewn relaxation eye mask pillows and neck pillows; 1/3 vintage and antiques from vintage jewelry to books to kitchen items and home decor; and 1/3 new items from greeting cards and books to clothes and so much more !

Tags: book shop in hubbard, book shop in ohio, book store, books in hubbard, books in ohio, collectible books, cook books, cookbooks, used books

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Grand Opening of Rusty Jack's store in Hubbard, Ohio next to Diana's Gift Shop !

June 1, 2017

Please stop by the Grand Opening of Rusty Jack's store in Hubbard, Ohio next to Diana's Gift Shop !
Posting the Grand Opening (Saturday, June 3rd. from 11 - 3) for my gift shop's neighbor biz as they are not online.
*Rusty Jack's made the sauces and relishes... for several local restaurants and now YOU can buy them for yourselves ;)
**When you go on Saturday, stop by here as well and spend at least $10 here to get 10% off as we also want to join in to make their welcome to Hubbard event huge and your day more fun !
I can't wait to try more things from there - love the roasted garlic salsa.
Make sure to also stop by the other 2 stores in the building as well = Diana's Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop and Underdog Records and see our friends across the street at Boss Recording Studio and Yaya's as well :)
All 5 are local businesses by local folks !

Tags: dianas gift shop, garlic salsa, grand opening, hubbard, hubbard ohio, rusty jacks, sale, salsa

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Show that you love a local library and get rewarded !

February 24, 2017

17 local folks bring in things from Vintage to New and Handmade too !

Stop by and show us your current library card from any local library and then get 10% off of any regularly priced items.

Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop on facebook)

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Wednesday/Sunday noon - 5

Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10 - 5

30-day Gift Certificates available and we offer Lay-Away too !

*in the same building as UnderDog Records.

*All sales are final

*No holds, no credit/debit cards nor checks.

Tags: discount, gift shop, hpl, hubbard, hubbard ohio, library, local, northeast ohio, ohio

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Here we are in October again, help me to honor my Mom who fought breast cancer

October 1, 2016

Stop out at Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - on facebook) 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road to help us to spread awareness of breast cancer in honor of my Mom who fought it for over 16 years until it won  :(

Please see the post below to get the details.

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, gifts, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio

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Help us to keep helping in the fight against cancer

March 1, 2016

March 25th will be 3 years that cancer took my Mom :( 
As I have every year, I will set aside 10% of the sales on anything in Mom's vintage jewelry & glassware booth during the month to be used so that our gift shop can keep helping in the effort to bring awareness to this disease.
Diana's Gift Shop (Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop - on facebook) at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Our Hubbard, Ohio gift shop has 17 different vendors who bring in everything from vintage jewelry; crocheted items for baby and grown-ups; a variety of collectibles and knick-knacks; a book corner with good used books and quite a few vintage and new cookbooks; $1 nail polish and even vintage kitchen items and home decor... .

Tags: cancer, fundraiser, hubbard, hubbard ohio, ohio

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