Diana's Vintage & Gift Shop

is our specialty

is our Passion

Below are examples of what you can find at my little Hubbard, Ohio Vintage & Gift Shop:

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photo of a fence and gate - click on the gate to enter for more detailed information about my Hubbard Ohio Vintage and Gift Shop

     Sachets + Eye & Neck Pillows...              Men's Gifts & tins...          
Hand-sewn sachets and Eye & Neck Pillows...      Gift Tins for Men     

Handmade Goat milk soap ready to be cut
Handmade Goat milk soap     

  Vintage Fabric & Linens                   Gifts...              and            Home Spa Essentials                                                                                            for someone else or for yourself                              
  Vintage fabrics and linens                           Fun Gifts for all                          Home Spa Essentials                         

Sensitive Skin ??? I have Unscented & Uncolored soap !
cartoon of baby in a bathtub to highlight our unscented and uncolored gentle soap and lotion

                Avon bottles & other Collectibles                      'Vintagely Contageous' designer hats            
Avon and other Collectibles      Hand-Crocheted designer hat from the Vintagely Contageous line     

Handmade-Vintage Barbie and other Doll clothes...
Handmade and/or Vintage Barbie and Doll clothes and accessories     

    Vintage-Handmade Aprons             Floral Arrangements-Home Decor                  Vintage Gloves & Hankies...              
  yellow cartoon apron as icon for my Vintage and Handmade Aprons                         photo of Silk and Dried Floral Arrangements                                photo of vintage gloves...                           
Local Crafts like Amish rugs...
photo of Amish hand-loomed throw rugs to highlight our Local Crafts for sale

              Vintage Hats                                            Vintage Jewelry                     
Photo of Vintage Christian Dior Hat      photo example of some of our Vintage Jewelry for sale     

Vintage Handbags, Clothing & kitchen... items
photo of Vintage Handbags and Clothing

Vintagely Contageous Hand-Crafted Jewelry
  Vintagely Contageous Hand-Crafted Jewelry photo

Italian Charms and other modern jewelry
photo of one of our trays of Italian Charms

Organic Gardening ideas, methods and helpful hints
organic pears, nuts and berries

One view of my Organic Gardens - Ask about a garden tour!
photo of my organic raspberries